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Have you ever enjoyed a sensuous massage at your local oily spot? If so you may have got a few different hot chicks to rub you down, but did you ever get stroked by chicks as hot as these two? This “man receives penis massage” post shows just how far some chicks are willing to go to humiliate a poor pale dude and his dick. Jessica and Karlie are the two vixens that want more than to give a lower back massage. They pull his towel clean off and start “massaging” his flaccid and then growing penis. See what this loser has to endure.

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Have you ever seen a sweeter ass serving a dick before? Ava Addams is her name and she is having tons of fun slamming her hefty ass onto this anonymous dude’s dick. You have to see these cfnm humiliation videos yourself to find out how much fun all of these fully clothed babes are having.

There are four chicks in skirts sucking on four dicks that are popping out of the wall. They are on their knees with their mouths wrapped around these guy’s penises. Ava even says “You know what the best part is? You don’t even have to look at their faces.”

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