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Talk about pathetic! This pasty “man” allowed himself to be chained while naked to the ceiling and floor by a bunch of clothed ladies. His mouth was covered by black tape and then he was utterly humiliated and fondled & jacked off. Karina is the woman in charge and she is training these ladies how to treat such a nasty little pathetic fool. She orders Liz to come in and milk him since she didn’t do it earlier. His sad cock grows as she strokes him/jacks him off to complete spillage.

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This guy is straight up crying about having to put his tongue all over this hot chick’s sweet ass. These forced CFNM pictures will show you how powerful two women can be with a wussy guy. He was actually busted having sex with these two chick’s best friend, which he was not supposed to be doing. Therefore, he was punished by the chicks who found him.

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Eventually the hot dark hair girl sat on his hard cock and slid up and down it, cackling every second. They essentially used him for his ugly body and big pecker. However, he was completely demeaned the entire time. What a sad cock boy!

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If you have ever wanted to see some hairy CFNM videos then now is your chance. This guy has a body with so much hair that you would think he was going for the grizzly bear look. His hair infested skin is downright wrong, and these two ladies are going to make fun of that fact. However, first off the blonde makes him walk like a chicken as his penis flops all over the place.

He doesn’t even get his dick sucked because the sexy girls are too busy coming up with ways to humiliate him. The women’s clothes stay on but he stays naked and embarrassed.

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This episode is called “The Spice of Life” and it features three sexy bitches, Hunter, Francesca and Sienna. These 3 clothed chicks are going to utilize the old glory hole trick by taking a guy’s dick through a hole in a table. He just has to lay on his stomach and moan in ecstasy as three hot chicks gobble down his cock and make him cum.

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