Forced Dick Sucking

Mouth to Cock Resuscitation

When it comes to saving lives lifeguards know how it’s done. However, this guy never saw it coming when he tried to help a woman at the local swim club. The second he was near her her hand crept to his crotch and started rubbing him gently. Soon after he was getting mouth to cock resuscitation by her and her three friends, all with their clothes on. These ladies had one hell of an afternoon at the local club.

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If you like to watch two guys be told what to do by some horny chicks then this video is right up your alley. The Chanel Preston Teamwork video shows you two horny ladies sucking off a pathetic pair tied up to chairs. They are forced to endure hardcore blowjobs before being told to lick their pussies from behind. These guys are without pants and they can’t seem to control their own dicks. Two sad sacks that must learn the hard way how to treat a woman.

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