Overweight Slob’s Puny Penis Made Fun Of

May 16, 2013

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Overweight slob's puny penis made fun of

Known as “Big Bob” by most, this pathetic fat man can’t seem to handle his date for the night Krystal. She is a hot little number that was about to get naked and ride him into the sunset, but he requested that she turn off the lights. However, she demanded he get naked so she could see what she was working with. It turned out this overweight slob’s puny penis was so dismal that she had to show it to her two hot friends Syren and Axa. Once they saw how tiny his cock was, and how fat his rolls were, they decided to humiliate him some more. They stroked his small member until he came. What a shithead!

This fat guy is being made fun of for his mini Johnson.

Fat man tiny cock pic

The three hot girls are having a hard time finding his cock.

Gross fat dude with tiny penis

This lucky fatty got his small penis jacked off by these laughing babes.

Small penis jacked off

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