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October 1, 2011

in CFNM Photos

Humiliated guy licking ass

This guy is straight up crying about having to put his tongue all over this hot chick’s sweet ass. These forced CFNM pictures will show you how powerful two women can be with a wussy guy. He was actually busted having sex with these two chick’s best friend, which he was not supposed to be doing. Therefore, he was punished by the chicks who found him.

He had to endure being examined by the two babes, with his dick being the focal point. They both sucked on his weenie, while one girl sat on his face and mashed her pussy all over him. He had to eat her snatch or get punished even further. Now he is in one of the best clothed female naked guy sites around.

Eventually the hot dark hair girl sat on his hard cock and slid up and down it, cackling every second. They essentially used him for his ugly body and big pecker. However, he was completely demeaned the entire time. What a sad cock boy!

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