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Overweight slob's puny penis made fun of

Known as “Big Bob” by most, this pathetic fat man can’t seem to handle his date for the night Krystal. She is a hot little number that was about to get naked and ride him into the sunset, but he requested that she turn off the lights. However, she demanded he get naked so she could see what she was working with. It turned out this overweight slob’s puny penis was so dismal that she had to show it to her two hot friends Syren and Axa. Once they saw how tiny his cock was, and how fat his rolls were, they decided to humiliate him some more. They stroked his small member until he came. What a shithead!

This fat guy is being made fun of for his mini Johnson.

Fat man tiny cock pic

The three hot girls are having a hard time finding his cock.

Gross fat dude with tiny penis

This lucky fatty got his small penis jacked off by these laughing babes.

Small penis jacked off

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Embarrass one tiny cock

Reg is the name of this sad sack that calls himself a man. These three blondes, Axa, Krystal, and Syran bust in to find him wearing panties on his head. They are baffled as to why he would do that, but become to preoccupied once they see how small his so called dick is. These three chicks decide to embarrass one tiny cock, Reg’s. You won’t believe just how tiny this dude’s pecker is, especially when they rub it and it barely grows. At least he could have gained some respect from the ladies if his puny pecker had gotten bigger.

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Panty Wearing Piggy Man

This sissy dude is wearing women’s panties and a pig mask! He happens to be in the presence of a domineering woman, Pigella, who is also wearing a mask but is naked as well. Her amazing tits and all around bangin’ body is fun to look at. However, seeing her spank this dweeb with a long flimsy paddle is worth the time. This panty wearing piggy man will do anything she tells him, including wearing women’s clothing and getting on all fours.

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Mouth to Cock Resuscitation

When it comes to saving lives lifeguards know how it’s done. However, this guy never saw it coming when he tried to help a woman at the local swim club. The second he was near her her hand crept to his crotch and started rubbing him gently. Soon after he was getting mouth to cock resuscitation by her and her three friends, all with their clothes on. These ladies had one hell of an afternoon at the local club.

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Man receives penis massage

Have you ever enjoyed a sensuous massage at your local oily spot? If so you may have got a few different hot chicks to rub you down, but did you ever get stroked by chicks as hot as these two? This “man receives penis massage” post shows just how far some chicks are willing to go to humiliate a poor pale dude and his dick. Jessica and Karlie are the two vixens that want more than to give a lower back massage. They pull his towel clean off and start “massaging” his flaccid and then growing penis. See what this loser has to endure.

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Have you ever seen such a fine blonde babe wasting her sack time with an overweight slob? This sexy vixen is showing how much she despises her current bed mate. She can’t stand this small prick dude and his many fat folds, which is why she has made him don a pig mask. Her hand is basically bigger than his flaccid or hard dick. See what she does to make him feel like a piece of crap.

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Three female family members blowing

Young Jess has managed to get her male friend Peter into her room without her family knowing. She then has him get naked so she can see his cock. Once she sees that large dick she starts sucking it, but all of a sudden her big tit Aunt bursts through the door and drops to her knees to join the fun. However, things get crazy when her Mom shows up and can’t get enough of that cock. These female family members blowing one dick is truly an amazing sight to behold.

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Nude obese abused man

This guy’s balls are bigger than his penis! He is wearing a pig mask, is very overweight and has no clothes on. He is one sad abused piggy. This nude obese abused man has his big thighs spread open so the big boob lady can point and laugh at his small penis. That tiny two inch pecker is not even worth her time so she instead focuses on showing how pathetic this guy really is. This unique website feature masked men either naked or in underwear being humiliated by hot chicks.

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Chained Naked Jerk Fondled Jacked Off

Talk about pathetic! This pasty “man” allowed himself to be chained while naked to the ceiling and floor by a bunch of clothed ladies. His mouth was covered by black tape and then he was utterly humiliated and fondled & jacked off. Karina is the woman in charge and she is training these ladies how to treat such a nasty little pathetic fool. She orders Liz to come in and milk him since she didn’t do it earlier. His sad cock grows as she strokes him/jacks him off to complete spillage.

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Four Nurses Laugh at Naked Old Fool's Small Penis

A poor grey haired old man was in his hospital bed after hurting his leg when along came four hot clothed nurses. They pulled back his sheets for a look only to find this old fool’s small penis. The four nurses couldn’t help laughing at his tiny shriveled dick and playing with it. However, it began to grow and the head nurse decided to masturbate him so he would go to sleep. They all giggled as she stroked his pathetic cock and he eventually shot his load.

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Complete and Utter CFNM Disgrace

What would you do if you had a hot step daughter and she ended up taking naked pictures of you while you slept? This poor guy mistreated his step child and felt her full wrath. He underwent a complete and utter CFNM disgrace! She smartly slipped him some sleeping pills and then once he was sawing logs she and her two hot girlfriends went into his bedroom pulled back the covers and pulled out his pud. They all fondled his wiener as he slept and did plenty of pointing and laughing.He won’t ever treat her badly again.

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Flaccid Dick Asshole Busted Cheating

This sad, pathetic, and downright disgraceful flaccid dick asshole was busted cheating on a fun and simple quiz game that one of his female friends came up with. Now his sorry English ass has to pay by having his nice clothes taken off and tossed on the ground while the four women laugh and look at his crotch. “That’s what you get for cheatin’” and “You will be punished” are just a few of the statements spoken by these upset chicks. These clothed ladies make the most of this opportunity to humiliate a naked male by stroking his penis until he spews a load.

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Pathetic Man Endures Humiliating Milking Chair

Here is a group of English girls being taught how to deal with a pathetic man and his balls and cock. The teacher tells the two new ladies, “I’m constantly draining them and they’re such a drain on me” while she flops his dick around. The guy is strapped to a humiliating milking chair where he has to deal with different women stroking his cock and making fun of him. He is such a good for nothing man that he is forced to be tied to the chair with a ball gag shoved in his mouth and strapped around his head. Eventually one of the ladies jerks him off enough to shoot his sperm onto his stomach, all the while lying there.

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Naked Man Embarrassed

Sometimes it can be difficult for a guy to live his life without being exposed as the sad sack he truly is. This dude brought his sperm stained jeans to the local dry cleaner and tried to simply leave a note, but the blonde saw him and all hell broke loose. Before he knew it he was the main character in a naked man embarrassed situation.

These four girls pulled down his pants to see what kind of dick he had, and they found a hefty one that one of the chicks wanted to feel in her pussy. She bent over and forced him to jam his cock into her wet little pussy as she looked back and the other ladies watched. One of the blondes even choked him a little bit as he thrusted inside of her.

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Miserable Guy Gets Apple Pie on His Dick

This miserable guy is being treated like the pathetic person he is, and is being completely dominated by these three women. He was found mashing his dick into apple pie in the kitchen by three hot chicks. Two white girls and one black babe are going to show him how sorry a character he is.

They get on their knees in front of his limp cock, which happens to have apple pie all over it, and start licking it and toying with him. He is the ultimate naked guy getting harassed and dominated by women still wearing their clothes. He must endure their taunts and wicked words as they play with his penis and suck every last remnant of pie off him.

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