May 2012

Flaccid Dick Asshole Busted Cheating

This sad, pathetic, and downright disgraceful flaccid dick asshole was busted cheating on a fun and simple quiz game that one of his female friends came up with. Now his sorry English ass has to pay by having his nice clothes taken off and tossed on the ground while the four women laugh and look at his crotch. “That’s what you get for cheatin’” and “You will be punished” are just a few of the statements spoken by these upset chicks. These clothed ladies make the most of this opportunity to humiliate a naked male by stroking his penis until he spews a load.

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What happens when you get three freaky women together and one sad guy? You get a “Group Groping” session like this one where the man is stripped naked and the ladies have their way with his cock. Tyler Faith is one of the blondes in this four minute CFNM video clip and she is having a ball sucking on his nuts and then riding his stiffy. They make for an intense and dominant scene that you will not soon forget. Faith even spits on his penis while one of her girlfriends grinds on top of his dick. Surprisingly, he has quite a large thick cock and these chicks are loving every last inch of it.

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